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"people on benefits shouldn’t be having flatscreen TVs"

why what other kind of TVs do they make? its 2014, you can’t just pop into Argos and buy a 9 inch VCR combo

please sit down

A flatscreen TV can easily cost less than a week of rent, so being able to afford one does not automatically make someone not poor.

And that’s assuming they didn’t win it in a competition, get it as a gift, buy it in a sale or Police auction, buy it when they weren’t so poor, etc etc


haha!  I forgot about the an external hard drive!  hold onto your butts there’s gonna be an art dump

That kobold princess i really cute. I’d marry her :)


I don’t know why this is called the “Second Worst Line in an Anime EVER!” when it’s obviously the best ever.

The UK dub of Cyber City is the greatest dub ever.


ZiLLA’s COMMISSIONS ARE PAY WHAT YOU WANT. So whatever amount you manage I can do some sort of image. ALL IMAGES WILL BE WITCH RELATED. It can be a witch character, or a OC/fictional character dressed in some magical outfit.

All price ranges cover a fullbody single character image. Prices: (in USD$) (lowest price is 5 bucks! If you have less than $5 I’ll doodle you something lil and cute but it probably won’t be much.)

  1. 5-9.99$ (loose undetailed sketch)
  2. 10-19.99$ (detailed sketch)
  3. 20-24.99$ lines
  4. 25-29.99$ flats
  5. 30-39.99$ shaded (tell me if you prefer cel shaded or traditional looking)
  6. 40+$ we discuss terms as to how I can improve the image like adding a background or (if it’s waited on and the price fits) I can do full illustrationy stuff so it comes out looking kinda like http://professionaln00b.deviantart.com/art/Mega-Gardevoir-423109517 with the magick background to make everything look super spiffy when I have a new PC and can work more efficiently without lag.
Will DO:
Monsters, Furries, anime, fanart, characters of all genders
Won’t DO:Risque images of characters who are under 18 in canon, mech characters (only cause I don’t have the time I do draw mech on my freetime), two characters in one image for the prices mentioned above (that doubles the price. Sorry)
I only take paypal and payment and refs must be received before I start to work.
Prize: A fullbody shaded commission (doesn’t have to be witchy)
  1. Must be following
  2. must reblog
  3. likes won’t be counted
  4. for commissioners: every 10$ I make from a commissioned image equals another entry into the giveaway. So if you buy a $30 commission, along with the reblog you’ve got 4 entries in the giveaway.
Q: What are these commissions for?
A: I still need to buy a new tablet and computer and the computer I am working on is on it’s last leg. I want to get both, if possible, before my birthday (Jul 15) so promptly after I can start the serious work for my project (which is about witches and wizzies btw).

Q: Why is there a giveaway attached???
A: I hit 1k follows a little while back and have been meaning to do a giveaway. Also people reblogging for the giveaway will be adverting my commissions! And that would really help me out on getting more exposure and work!
I’m sorry this was such a long read. Please have a wonderful day.
Ends July 15th

"Bikini Body" ♥ Photoshop

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First of all, Tomodachi Life looks wonderfully bonkers and as soon as I saw that video I tweeted, ‘It’s like Nintendo made a game just for me.’ (Me being an awkward over the top parody of Peter Molyneux.)

Since then, the excitement around that game has become a bit sour. This is not necessarily…



Video games can teach you some pretty valuable lessons.

Reblogging just for the Katamari Damacy one

Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
HAL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

HAL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.


Live Stream - February 24, 2013

Jonathan X Victoria (just reward)

Jonathan - bed wetting

Citoria - Demon Princess horns

Bimbo Joani - Chibi

Jonathan - Kill la Kill

Circy - Clockwork Bunny Maid


Dragonzord-tan is so cute! RITA! MAKE ME BIGGER NOW!

Out in bookstores this Spring



Covering basic things like:

  • Throwing your child in the trash
  • Getting your child in the fucking robot
  • Spending bath time with a child even if they’re in their late teens
  • Making your child feel unloved

With an introduction by Heihachi Mishima